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  • Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ - Zinggalas

    1) What are ZINGGALAS packages?

    The ZingGalas Packages are carefully designed based on 20years’ experience of event customer behavior. We have categorized all the packages as BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, GEMS, PLATINIUM, DIAMOND based on budgets & conveniences.

    2) Are The ZINGGALAS Packages Budget-Friendly?

    The Zing galas packages are very budget-friendly and cheaper than market rates if taken item wise.

    3) How to choose a package?

  • Select your celebration you wish to host
  • Select the option on the homepage.
  • Select your budget packages.
  • Select add-on (if any)
  • Select the date & Time of the celebration (Please note that it should be 3 days before the main date)
  • Book your Zing celebration
  • 4) Are the packages competitive & good Quality?

    We at Zinggalas are the best execution events team in Hyderabad with more than 20 years’ successful event experiences, all the products are of high quality on the allocated budgets & our offers are the best in the market.

    5) Are The Services COVID Safe?

    We take great precautions for the safety of our partners & customers

    ZingTeam Protocols

  • Follows WHO health Standards
  • The team is checked Every day for Temperatures & common symptoms
  • All the Health Parameters of the dispatch team are shared with customers
  • We allocate execution times according to the customers & with less human interventions possible
  • Zing Safety Protocols

  • We strictly work according to all governments guidelines on lawful assemblies
  • We require permissions from the apartment & other legal authorities before the dispatch team leaves
  • We allocate execution times according to the customers & with less human interventions possible
  • We recommend all WHO health standards for all Event executions
  • 6) What are the Steps of Confirmation?

  • Order Placed
  • ZING Team Calls for further queries & confirms on the phone
  • Email Confirmation Sent to you
  • 3 days before the date reconfirmation call is made & Reminder mail is sent
  • On the day of Event Dispatch, team details sent on SMS &Mail sent
  • ZINGTEAM arrives & executes the event
  • Thank You Mail sent
  • 7) What are the steps of event execution?

  • Order is Placed
  • ZING Team Calls for further queries (Place & Time of the event, technical details, others, etc. & confirms on the phone)
  • Zing Team prepares for your event
  • Zing team Calls you to check with you 3 days before the event ( if possible visit you)
  • Zing team send you the dispatch team details (Names/Temperature details & allocated time of execution)
  • Zing Team Arrives & executes the event
  • Zing Team Captain Arrives & ensures the requirements are executed
  • Appraisals are done
  • Feedback & Thank your communications made
  • 8) Is my data safe?

    As an esteemed customer, all your data entered is safe with us which will be used to communicate promotional & dispatch processes and will not be distributed to any third party

    9) Can I gift the package to my friend?

    Yes! you can gift any package to your friend, please add the delivery address to do the same